Forest CoverType

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  Jock A. Blackard 
  USDA Forest Service
  3825 E. Mulberry
  Fort Collins, CO  80524  USA

  Dr. Denis J. Dean 
  Associate Professor
  Department of Forest Sciences
  Colorado State University
  Fort Collins, CO  80523  USA

  Dr. Charles W. Anderson 
  Associate Professor
  Department of Computer Science
  Colorado State University
  Fort Collins, CO  80523  USA
Date Donated: August 28, 1998

Problem Description

Predicting forest cover type from cartographic variables only (no remotely sensed data).


Blackard, Jock A. 1998. "Comparison of Neural Networks and Discriminant Analysis in Predicting Forest Cover Types." Ph.D. dissertation. Department of Forest Sciences. Colorado State University. Fort Collins, Colorado.

Classification performance with first 11,340 records used for training data, next 3,780 records used for validation data, and last 565,892 records used for testing data subset: -- 70% backpropagation -- 58% Linear Discriminant Analysis

References and Further Information

WizWhy classification analysis of this data set.

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