Japanese vowels

Task Type

classification, speaker identification


Original Owner and Donor

Mineichi Kudo, Jun Toyama, Masaru Shimbo
Information Processing Laboratory
Division of Systems and Information Engineering
Graduate School of Engineering
Hokkaido University, Sapporo 060-8628, JAPAN
Date Donated: June 13, 2000

Problem Description

Distinguish nine male speakers by their utterances of two Japanese vowels /ae/.

Other Relevant Information

The training file 'ae.train' was used for constructing the classifier and the test file 'ae.test' was used for obtaining the generalization classification rate.


Results for this dataset are reported in:

M. Kudo, J. Toyama and M. Shimbo. (1999). "Multidimensional Curve Classification Using Passing-Through Regions". Pattern Recognition Letters, Vol. 20, No. 11--13, pages 1103--1111.

The classifier proposed in the paper showed the classification rate of 94.1%, while, a 5-state continuous Hidden Markov Model attained up to 96.2%. However, the proposed classifier was shown in the paper to be able to handle a great variety of datasets. In addition, the classifier helps people to have some intuition about what the obtained classification rule is and how the rule will work.

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