Movie Synonyms, collected by Gio Wiederhold

Copyright 1997

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The ID for the films is unique. All titles are identified by T:
WAS: identifies original source and name
filmidalternate_titlesecondary WAS:primary\_countrymain_title
ABW40 T:Haunted Honeymoon USA WAS:\GB T:Busman's Honeymoon |
ACa40 T:Forty-eight Hours USA WAS: \GB T:Went the Day Well? |
ADv1 T:The Man Who Had His Hair Cut Short \GB WAS: Flemish T:De Man Die Zijn Haar Kort Liet Knippen |
ADv30 T:Women in Twilight \GB WAS: \Du T:Een Vrouw tussen Hond en Wolf |
AG6 T:End of the World as Seen, Heard, and Rendered by Abel Gance USA GB>WAS:France T:La Fin du Monde |
AK90 T:Lady Hamilton USA WAS:\GB T:That Hamilton Woman |
AkK15 T:The Seven Samurai WAS:USA>Japan T:Shichinin no Samurai |
AkK27 T:The Shadow Warrior WAS:USA>Japan T:Kagemusha |
AlL2 T:White Mane USA WAS:\Fr T:Crin Blanc |
AL13 T:Years Without Days \GB WAS:USA T:Castle on the Hudson |
AlL3 T:The Red Baloon USA WAS:\Fr T:Le Ballon rouge |
AlZ5 T:Beauty and the Robot USA WAS:USA T:Sex Kittens go to College |
AlZ5 T:Beauty and the Brain USA WAS:USA T:Sex Kittens go to College |
AMk10 T:The Passenger USA WAS:Poland T:Pasazerka |
AOz10 T:The Horse USA WAS:\Tu T:At |
ASj15 T:Frenzy Sweden WAS:\GB T:Hets|
ASj15 T:Torment USA WAS:Sweden T:Hets |
BrR1 T:Overseas USA WAS:France T:Outremer |
BTv5 T:Spoiled Children USA WAS: \Fr T:Les Enfants G\a^t\'es |
BTv12 T:Life and Nothing But USA WAS:France T:La vie et Rien d'Autre |
BW9 T:Ace in the Hole \GB WAS:USA T:The Big Carnival |
CAL15 T:The Devil in the Flesh USA WAS:\Fr T:Le Diable au Corps |
CAL25 T:The Red Inn USA WAS:\Fr T:L'Auberge Rouge |
CAL35 T:The Game of Love USA WAS:\Fr T:Le Bl\'e en herbe |
CAL36 T:The Red and the Black USA WAS:\Fr T:Le Rouge et Le Noir |
CAL36 T:Scarlet and Black \GB WAS:\Fr T:Le Rouge et Le Noir |
CAL46 T:Four Bags Full USA WAS:\Fr T:La Travers\'ee de Paris |
CAL46 T:Pig Across Paris \GB WAS:\Fr T:La Travers\'ee de Paris |
CBr33 T:Marie Walewska \GB WAS:USA T:Conquest |
CCG4 T:The Confession USA WAS:France T:L'Aveu |
CD20 T:Old Dra 1974 WAS:1973 T:Old Dracula |
CD20 T:Vampira 1974 WAS:1973 T:Old Dracula |
CDr10 T:Vampyr USA WAS:\Ge T:Vampyr: Der Traum des Allan Gray |
CDr10 T:Vampyr WAS:1932 T:Vampyr: Der Traum des Allan Gray |
CDr30 T:Day of Wrath USA WAS:Denmark T:Vredens Dag |
ChE1 T:Call It Murder USA WAS:USA T:Midnight |
ChJ40 T:Race for Life USA WAS:France T:Tous les Gars du Monde |
ChJ60 T:The Dirty Game USA WAS:France T:Secret Agents |
ChJ70 T:Dead Run USA WAS:France? T:Two Tickets to Mexico |
CiS10 T:The Vampire Hookers 1980 WAS:1979 T:Sensuous Vampires |
ClC24 T:The Butcher USA WAS:\Fr T:Le Boucher |
ClL5 T:Un homme et une femme France WAS:USA T:A Man and a Woman |
CR12 T:The Remarkable Mr.~Kipps USA WAS:\GB T:Kipps |
CR14 T:Immortal Battalion USA WAS:\GB T:The Way Ahead |
CR17 T:The Lost Illusion USA WAS:\GB T:The Fallen Idol |
DL9 T:Breaking the Sound Barrier USA WAS:\GB T:The Sound Barrier |
DL11 T:Summer Madness \GB WAS:USA T:Summertime |
DKu1 T:Coup de Foudre USA WAS:France T:Entre Nous |
DMi27 T:The Golden Virgin USA WAS:\GB T:The Story of Esther Costello |
DTa10 T:Wildcat USA WAS:USA T:Great Scout and Cathouse Thursday |
DWG51 T:The Clansman 1915 WAS:1916 T:The Birth of a Nation |
EAD10 T:Variety USA WAS: \Ge T:Vaudeville |
EAy10 T:It was Cold and Raining USA WAS:\Tu T:Goguktu Ve Yagmur Ciseliyorau |
EBz30 T:The Marx Brothers at the Circus USA WAS:USA T:At the Circus |
EDF10 T:Millionaires of Naples > 1952 > 1960 T:Side Street Story |
EDm22 T:Farewell, My Lovely \GB WAS:USA T:Murder, My Sweet |
EDW10 T:I Changed my Sex USA WAS:original T:Glen or Glenda |
EDW10 T:I Led Two Lives USA WAS:original T:Glen or Glenda |
EDW10 T:He or She USA WAS:original T:Glen or Glenda |
EDW10 T:The Transvestite USA WAS:original T:Glen or Glenda |
EGC10 T:The Loves and Times of ScaramoucheUSA WAS also T:Scaramouche|
EgM12 T:Panico en el transiberano Spain WAS: \GB T:Horror Express |
EGU1 T:The House of Doom> \GB > USA T:The Black Cat |
EL19 T:The Eyes of the Mummy USA WAS:Germany T:Die Augen der Mumie Ma |
EL21 T:Carmen USA WAS:Germany T:Gipsy Blood |
EL31 T:The Passion USA WAS:Germany T:Madame Dubarry |
EL36 T:One Arabian Night USA WAS:Germany T:Sumurun |
EL37 T:The Deception USA WAS:Germany T:Anna Boleyn |
EL39 T:The Loves of Pharao USA WAS:Germany T:Das Weib des Pharao |
EL40 T:Montmartre USA WAS:Germany T:Die Flamme |
EL48 T:The Student Prince in old Heidelberg USA WAS:USA T:The Student Prince |
EL55 T:Broken Lullaby USA WAS:USA T:The Man I Killed |
EMo17 T:Dracula and Son USA WAS: \Fr T:Dracula, Pere et fils |
EMt10 T:Cathy's Curse USA WAS:Canada T:Cauchemares 1977 |
EP1 T:The Beachcomber USA WAS:\GB T:Vessel of Wrath |
ERr45 T:Summer USA WAS: \Fr T:Le Rayon Vert |
ETG10 T:Wild for Kicks USA WAS:\GB T:Beat Girl |
FAm16 T:Monkey Trouble USA WAS:USA T:Pet|
FBr50 T:Lost Planet Airmen USA WAS:USA T:King of the Rocketmen |
FF1 T:Variety Lights USA WAS:\It T:Luci del Varieta |
FF3 T:The Young and the Passionate USA WAS:\It T:I Vitelloni |
FF5 T:The Swindlers US WAS:\It T:Il Bidone |
FF9 T:Eight 1/2 USA WAS:Italy T:Otto e Mezzo |
FF9 T:8 1/2 USA WAS:Italy T:Otto e Mezzo |
FF10 T:Juliet of the Spirits USA WAS:\It T:Giulietta degli Spiriti |
FF12 T:Fellini Satyricon USA WAS:Italy T:Satyricon |
FFC1 T:Dementia 1965 WAS: 1963 T:Dementia 13 |
FFC1 T:The Haunted and the Hunted 1964 WAS: 1963 T:Dementia 13 |
FiC1 T:Patterns USA WAS:\GB T:Patterns of Power |
FF23 T:City of Women USA WAS:\It T:La Citta delle Donne |
FL8 T:Destiny \Ge WAS: USA T:Der M\"ude Tod <|
FL24 T:Man Hunt USA WAS:\GB T:Manhunt |
FLd10 T:The Adventuress USA WAS:\GB T:I see a Dark Stranger |
FM4 T:The Last Laugh USA WAS: Germany T:Der Letzte Mann |
FM6 T:Faust USA WAS: Germany T:Faustus |
FM9 T:City Girl USA WAS:USA T:Our Daily Bread |
FMe10 T:The Vampire USA WAS:1957 \Me T:El Vampiro |
FMe12 T:The Vampire's Coffin USA WAS:1957 \Me T:El Ataud del Coffin |
FrF30 T:Vampire Happening USA WAS:\Ge T:Gebissen Wird Nur Nachts |
FrE10 T:Female 1957 WAS: 1956 T:The Violent Years |
FT2 T:The 400 Blows USA WAS:France T:Les Quatre-Cents Coups |
FT3 T:Shoot the Pianoplayer USA WAS:\Fr T:Tirez sur le pianiste |
FT3 T:Shoot the Pianist \GB WAS:\Fr T:Tirez sur le pianiste |
FT6 T:Silken Skin USA WAS:\Fr T:La peau douce |
FT8 T:The Bride Wore Black USA WAS:France T:La Marie Etait En Noir |
FT9 T:Stolen Kisses USA WAS:France T:Baisers Vol\'es |
FT11 T:The Wild Child of Aveyron USA WAS:France T:L'Enfant Sauvage |
FT13 T:Anne and Muriel GB WAS:France T:Les deux anglaises et le continent |
FT13 T:Two English Girls USA WAS:France T:Les deux anglaises et le continent |
FT14 T:A Gorgeous Bird Like Me \GB WAS:France T:Une belle fille comme moi |
FT14 T:Such a Gorgeous Kid Like Me USA WAS:France T:Une belle fille comme moi |
FT15 T:Day for Night USA WAS:France T:La Nuit Americaine |
FT16 T:The Story of Adele H. USA WAS:France T:L'histoire d'Ad\`ele H. |
FT18 T:Small Change USA WAS:France T:L'argent de poche |
FT20 T:The Man Who Loved Women USA WAS:France T:L'Homme qui aimait Les Femmes |
FT22 T:Love on the Run USA WAS:France T:L'amour en fuite |
FT24 T:The Last Metro USA WAS:France T:Le Dernier Metro |
FT28 T:The Woman Next Door USA WAS:France T:La femme d'la c\^ot\'e |
FT30 T:Confidentially Yours USA WAS:France T:Vivement Dimanche |
GC16 T:Camille France WAS:USA T:The Lady of the Camelias |
GdS2 T:Riso Amaro US WAS:Italy T:Riso Amaro |
GeK2 T:At Dawn We Die USA WAS:\GB T:Tomorrow We Live |
GeS17 T:Tiger Man USA WAS:USA T:The Lady and the Monster | GF90 T:Love Never Dies \GB WAS:USA T:Lilac Time 1928
GFr35 T:The Horror Chamber of Dr.~Faustus USA WAS:France T:Les Yeux sans Visage |
GFr35 T:Eyes Without a Face USA WAS:France T:Les Yeux sans Visage Nt(later) |
GMs1 T:Une Partie de Cartes France WAS:France T:L'Escamontage d'une Dame |
GMy40 T:Ecstasy USA WAS:\Cz T:Extase |
GnA10 T:Stolen Children USA WAS:\It T:Il Ladro di Bambini |
GoJ20 T:Toffee or Mint USA WAS:\Sp T:Caluga o Menta |
GOu10 T:The Sucker USA WAS:France T:Le Corniaud |
GP3 T:Die Freudlose Gasse Germany WAS:USA T:Joyless Street | GP7 T:Die B\"uchse der Pandora Germany WAS:USA T:Pandora's Box
GP13 T:Dreigroschenoper Germany WAS:USA T:The Threepenny Opera |
GS3 T:The Big Heart \GB WAS:USA T:Miracle on 34th Street |
GS16 T:Airport 70 USA WAS:USA T:Airport Note(later) |
H9 T:The Mountain Eagle \GB WAS:USA T:Fear O'God |
H10 T:The Lodger: A Story of The London Fog \GB WAS:USA T:The Case of Jonathan Drew |
H22 T:Rich and Strange \GB WAS:USA T:East of Shanghai |
H25 T:Waltzes From Vienna \GB WAS:USA T:Strauss's Great Waltz |
H29 T:Sabotage \GB WAS:USA T:The Woman Alone |
H30 T:Young and Innocent \GB WAS:USA T:The Girl Was Young |
H47 T:Stage Fright \GB WAS:Germany T:Die rote Lola |
HaF35 T:Paris Express USA WAS:\GB T:The Man Who Watched Trains Go By |
HBH31 T:Hot Spot \GB WAS:USA T:I Wake up Screaming |
HeH10 T:It's a Dog's Life \GB WAS:USA T:The Bar Sinister |
HGC6 T:The Wages of Fear USA WAS:France T:Le Salaire de la Peur |
HGC19 T:The Mystery of Picasso USA WAS:\Fr T:la Myst\`ere de Picasso |
HH9 T:Flight Commander TV WAS:USA T:Dawn Patrol |
HH12 T:Shame of A Nation USA WAS:USA T:Scarface |
HH31 T:You Can't Sleep Here \GB WAS:USA T:I Was A Male War Bride |
HHa38 T:Rommel, The Desert Fox \GB WAS:USA T:The Desert Fox |
HKl23 T:The Silent Stranger \GB WAS:USA T:Step Down to Terror |
HKo22 T:Happy Times USA WAS:\GB T:The Inspector General |
HKo26 T:No Highway in the Sky USA WAS:\GB T:No Highway in the Sky | HRo2 T:Fra Diavolo \Fr WAS:USA T:The Devil's Brother \ccr
HrR10 T:The Invisible Dr.~Mabuse USA WAS: \GE T:Die Unsichtbaren Krallen des Dr.~Mabuse |
HrR12 T:The Return of Dr.~Mabuse USA WAS: \GE T:Im Stahlnetz des Dr.~Mabuse |
HWa9 T:Ivory Hunter USA WAS:\GB T:Where No Vultures Fly |
HWx55 T:Let's Make Up USA WAS:\GB T:Lilacs in the Spring |
IB150 T:52 Miles to Terror 1968 WAS:1967 T:Hot Rods to Hell |
ILa32 T:National Lampoon's Animal House 1978 WAS:1979 T:Animal House |
InB11 T:Secrets of Women 1954 WAS:1952 T:Waiting Women |
InB15 T:Sawdust and Tinsel \GB WAS:USA T:The Naked Night |
InB20 T:The Face \GB WAS: \Sw T:Ansiktet |
InB20 T:The Magician USA WAS: \Sw T:Ansiktet |
InB25 T:The Silence USA WAS:Sweden T:Trystnaden | IPa10 T:Daughter of Horror 1958 WAS: 1955 T:Dementia
IrC95 T:It's Only Money USA WAS:USA T:Double Dynamite |
IrP11 T:I Married a Nazi 1941 WAS: 1940 T:The Man I Married |
ITo10 T:Deceptive Games USA WAS:\Tu T:Ikili Oyunlar |
JA30 T:The Young Hellions USA WAS:USA T:High School Confidential! |
JC1 T:The Blood of a Poet USA WAS:France T:Le Sang d'un Po\'ete |
JC6 T:The Beauty and the Beast USA WAS:France T:La Belle et la B\^ete |
JCJ10 T:Bequest to the Nation \GB WAS:USA T:The Nelson Affair |
JEu20 T:The Mother and the Whore USA WAS:France T:La Maman et La Putaine |
JFr8 T:Justine 1969 WAS:1968 T:Marquis de Sade: Justine |
JFr10 T:The Blood of Fu Manchu \GB WAS: USA T:Kiss and Kill |
JFr12 T:Assignment: Istanbul USA WAS:\GB T:The Castle of Fu Manchu |
JFr15 T:Paroxismus \Ge WAS:USA T:Venus in Furs |
JuF20 T:Godzilla vs. the Bionic Monster 1974 WAS:1975 T:Godzilla vs. the Cosmic Monster |
JHL17 T:The Big Combo by Philip Yordan USA WAS: USA T:The Big Combo |
JD12 T:Du Rififi Chez Les Hommes France WAS:USA T:Rififi | JiA5 T:Top Secret TV WAS: film T:Hero 1984
JJB15 T:Betty Blue USA WAS: \Fr T:L'Integrale |
JJB15 T:Trente Sept Deux le Matin \Fr WAS: \Fr T:L'Integrale |
JJB15 T:37.2 le Matin \Fr WAS: \Fr T:L'Integrale |
JLG1 T:Breathless USA WAS:France T:A Bout de Souffle |
JLG30 T:A Letter to Jane USA WAS:France T:Tout Va Bien Er(same) |
JLG40 T:Every Man for Himself USA WAS:France T:Sauve Qui Peut |
JLG52 T:Hail Mary USA WAS:\Fr T:Je Vous Salue Marie |
JMd10 T:There is Something Out There USA WAS:Chile T:Hay Algo Alla Afuera |
JnD6 T:The Eternal Return USA WAS:\Fr T:L'Eternel Retour |
JnD33 T:The Hunchback of Notre Dame USA WAS:France T:Notre Dame de Paris |
JnD31 T:Shadow of the Guillotine? USA WAS:\Fr T:Marie Antoinette |
JnD36 T:Maigret Sets a Trap USA WAS:\Fr T:Inspector Maigret |
JqB38 T:The Hole USA WAS:France T:Le Trou |
JqT14 T:Night of the Demon \GB WAS:USA T:Curse of the Demon |
JR25 \TSM(Boudu Saved from Drowning) USA WAS:\Fr T:Boudu Sauv\'e Les Eaux |
JR45 T:Lower Depths USA WAS:France T:Les Bas Fonds? |
JR45 T:Vers Vita Italy WAS:France T:Les Bas Fonds? |
JR66 T:The Rules of the Game USA WAS:France T:La regle du jeu |
JR75 T:The Man Who Came Back \GB WAS:USA T:Swamp Water |
JPM5 T:The Strange Ones USA WAS:France T:Les Enfants Terribles |
JqF40 T:Carnival in Flanders USA WAS:France T:La Kermesse Heroique |
JqB5 T:It Happened at the Inn USA WAS: France T:Goupi Mains Rouges |
JqD22 T:A Room in Town USA WAS:France T:Une Chambre en Ville |
JqT7 T:Build My Gallows High \GB WAS:USA T:Out of the Past |
JR96 T:Paris Does Strange Things USA WAS:France T:El\'ena et les Hommes |
JI1 T:The Funeral USA WAS:\Ja T:Ososhiki |
JT2 T:Les Vacances de Monsieur Hulot France WAS:USA T:Monsieur Hulot's Holiday |
JT5 T:Playtime USA WAS:France T:Traffic |
JuD19 T:Don Camillo France WAS:USA T:The Little World of Don Camillo |
JuD20 T:Holiday for Henrietta USA WAS:France T:La Fete a Henriette |
JVi2 T:Zero for Conduct USA WAS:France T:Zero de Conduite |
KCo20 T:Choice of Weapons USA GB T:Trial by Combat|
KGr10 T:The Street USA WAS:Germany T:Die Strasse |
KeA34 T:Monte Carlo or Bust GB WAS:USA T:Those Daring Young Men in Their Jaunty Jalopies |
KrK15 T:The Double Life of Veronique USA WAS:France T:Le Double Vie de Veronique |
KHu21 T:Alfie Darling \GB WAS:USA T:Oh Alfie |
LB6 T:The Young and the Damned USA WAS:Mexico T:Los Olvidados |
LB12 T:Abismos de Pasion Mex WAS:USA T:Wuthering Heights |
LB25 T:The Exterminating Angel USA WAS:\Sp T:El Angel Exterminador |
LB25 T:Angel of Death USA WAS:\Sp T:El Angel Exterminador |
LB26 T:The Diary of a Chambermaid USA WAS:France T:Le Journal d'une Femme de Chambre |
LB29 T:La Voie Lact\'ee France WAS:USA T:The Milky Way |
LB33 T:Cet obscur objet du d\'esir France WAS:USA T:That Obscure Object of Desire |
LCa15 T:Bad Blood USA WAS: France T:Mauvais Sang |
LD3 T:L'Amercaine France WAS:France T:Le Chemin d'Enroa |
LHo2 T:Spitfire USA WAS:\GB T:The First of the Few |
LiB1 T:Absinthe TV WAS: USA T:Madame X |
LiS10 T:The Second Best Secret Agent in the Whole Wide World USA WAS \GB T:Licensed to Kill|
LMa2 T:Lift to the Scaffold \GB WAS: France T:Frantic |
LMa2 T:Elevator to the Scaffold USA WAS: France T:Frantic |
LMa8 T:Murmur of the Heart USA WAS:France T:Souffle au Coeur |
LMa14 T:Atlantic City USA France WAS:USA T:Atlantic City |
LeR15 T:Olympia USA WAS: Germany T:Olympische Spiele 1936 |
LSm16 T:Tarzan and the Jungle Queen \GB WAS:USA T:Tarzan's Peril |
LuV1 T:Obsession USA WAS:Italy T:Ossessione |
LuV20 TSM{The Wanton Countess USA, cut WAS:Italy T:Senso |
LuV50 T:The Leopard USA WAS:Italy T:Il gattopardo |
MA6 T:Profession: Reporter \GB WAS:USA T:The Passenger |
MaB30 T:Twitch of the Death Nerve USA WAS:\It T:Antefatto |
MaC3 T:Quai des Brumes France WAS:USA T:Port of Shadows |
MaC5 T:Le Jour se L\`eve France WAS:USA T:Daybreak |
MaC7 T:Children of Paradise USA WAS:France T:Les Enfants du Paradis |
MBe5 T:Leap Into the Void USA WAS:\It T:Salto nel Vuato |
MBm3 T:Deadly Game USA WAS: USA T:The Manhattan Project|
MBo10 T:The Last Days of Pompeii USA WAS:\It T:Ultimi Giorni di Pompeii |
MC11 T:The Adultress USA WAS:\Fr T:Th\`eres\'e R\'aquin |
MCm1 T:Orfeu Negro Brazil WAS:USA T:Black Orpheus |
MeW30 T:La Figlia di Frankenstein Italy WAS:USA T:Lady Frankenstein |
MF2 T:A Blonde in Love \GB WAS:Czeck T:Lasky Jedne Plavovlasky |
MF2 T:Loves of a Blonde USA WAS:Czeck T:Lasky Jedne Plavovlasky |
MFe10 T:The Conjugal Bed USAWAS T:Queen Bee||
MiC11 T:The Great Train Robbery USA WAS:\GB T:The First Great Train Robbery |
MKa15 T:The Postman USA WAS \It T:Il Postino|
MkD11 T:My Apprenticeship USA WAS:\GB T:Out in the World |
MoH10 T:Born t Kill USA WAS: USA T:Cockfighter |
MOp21 T:The Earrings of Madame de ... USA WAS: France T:Madame de |
MP6 T:Forty Ninth Parallel \GB WAS:\GB T:49th Parallel |
MP6 T:The Invaders USA WAS:\GB T:49th Parallel |
MP8 T:Colonel Blimp USA WAS:\GB T:The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp |
MP17 T:The Wild Heart \GB WAS:USA T:Gone to Earth Er(USA>\GB)|
MP21 T:Pursuit of the Graf Spee USA WAS:\GB T:The Battle of the River Plate |
MPi40 T:All Our Loves USA WAS: \Fr T:A Nos Amours |
MRe7 T:Mad Little Island USA WAS:\GB T:Rockets Galore |
MRv2 T:Revenge of the Bloodbeast |
MRv10 T:The Conqueror Worm USA WAS:\GB T:Witchfinder General |
MVh10 T:The Nasty Girl USA WAS:Germany T:Das Schrecklische M\"adchen |
MYa20 T:About Love, Tokyo USA WAS: japan T:Ai Ni Tsuite, Tokyo |
NeJ10 T:Danny Boy USA WAS:\Ir T:Angel |
NKp12 T:A Very Curious Girl USA WAS: \Fr T:La Fianc\'ee du Pirate |
NMv10 T:Close to Eden USA WAS:\Ru T:Urga |
NoL36 T:Chamber of Horrors USA WAS:\GB T:The Door with Seven Locks |
OKa10 T:The Secret Face USA WAS:\Tu T:Gizli Y\"uz |
OW11 T:Falstaff USA WAS:\GB T:Chimes at Midnight |
PaP15 T:The Gospel According to St.~Matthew USA WAS:Italy T:Il Vangelo Secondo Matteo |
PaP20 T:Theorem USA WAS:\It T:Teorema |
PaS10 T:The Train Killers \GB WAS: USA T:The Black Train Er(same? |
PGr7 T:A Zed and Two Naughts 1985 \GB WAS: USA T:One to One Hundred |
MRv2 T:Revenge of the Bloodbeast 1966 WAS:1965 T:Sister of Satan |
MRv10 T:The Conqueror Worm USA WAS:\GB T:Witchfinder General |
MVh10 T:The Nasty Girl USA WAS:Germany T:Das Schrecklische M\"adchen |
NeJ10 T:Danny Boy USA WAS:\Ir T:Angel |
NMv10 T:Close to Eden USA WAS:\Ru T:Urga |
NoL36 T:Chamber of Horrors USA WAS:\GB T:The Door with Seven Locks |
OKa10 T:The Secret Face USA WAS:\Tu T:Gizli Y\"uz |
OW11 T:Falstaff USA WAS:\GB T:Chimes at Midnight |
PaP15 T:The Gospel According to St.~Matthew USA WAS:Italy T:Il Vangelo Secondo Matteo |
PaP20 T:Theorem USA WAS:\It T:Teorema | PaS10 T:The Train Killers \GB WAS: USA T:The Black Train Er(same?)
PBa4 T:Carquake \GB WAS:USA T:Cannonball |
PdB3 T:Sword of Blood USA WAS:\Fr T:Cartouche |
PeB4 T:The Persecution and assassination of Jean-Paul Marat, as performed by the inmates of the Asylum of Charenton under the Direction of the Marquis deSade \GB WAS:USA T:The Marat-Sade |
PiG30 T:Maledotto Imbroglio Italy WAS:USA T:A Sordid Affair |
PLd10 T:Marl of the Vampire USA WAS:USA T:The Vampire 1957 |
PLe12 T:The Hairdresser's Husband USA WAS:France T:Le Mari de la Coiffeuse |
PMo2 T:Andy Warhol presents Flesh USA WAS:USA T:Flesh |
PMo10 T:Flesh for Frankenstein USA WAS:USA T:Andy Warhols's Frankenstein |
PMo12 T:Dracula USA WAS:USA T:Andy Warhols's Dracula |
PMo12 T:Blood for Dracula USA WAS:USA T:Andy Warhols's Dracula |
PS12 T:The Diary of Major Thompson \GB WAS:France T:Les Carnets de Major Thompson |
PS12 T:The French They are a Funny Race USA WAS:France T:Les Carnets de Major Thompson |
PtF5 T:Attila the Hun USA WAS:\It T:Attilo Flagello di Dio |
PtF10 T:Hercules USA WAS:\It T:Le Fatiche di Ercole |
RWF16 T:Fontane Effi Briest \Ge WAS:USA T:Effi Briest WAS:PY6 T:The Hot Rock USA WAS:\GB T:How to Steal a Diamond on Four Uneasy Lessons |
RaT46 T:Percy's Progress \GB WAS: USA T:It's not the Size That Counts |
RAu10 T:Lesbian Twins USA WAS: \GB T:The Virgin Witch |
RbS T:The Man Who Lived Again USA WAS:\GB T:The Man Who Changed His Mind |
RBt6 T:The Outsider USA WAS: \GB T:The Guinea Pig |
RC5 T:An Italian Straw Hat USA WAS:France T:Un Chapeau de Paille d'Italie |
RCl5 T:Forbidden Games USA WAS:\Fr T:Les Jeux Interdits |
RC19 T:Ten Little Niggers \GB WAS:USA T:And Then There Were None |
RcB3 T:Deadline \GB WAS:USA T:Deadline USA |
RcF40 T:The Exterminators USA WAS:Italy T:Coplan FX 18 Casse Tout |
RCl4 T:The Walls of Malapaga USA WAS:\Fr T:Au del\`a des Grilles |
RCo26 T:House of Usher USA WAS:\GB \TSMM{The Fall of the House of Usher |
RdR32 T:Dangerous Female TV WAS:USA T:The Maltese Falcon |
RiF39 T:The Prince and The Pauper \GB WAS:USA T:Crossed Swords |
RMa10 T:Murder by Illusion \GB WAS:USA T:F/X |
RoP4 T:Dance of the Vampires USA WAS:\GB T:The Fearless Vampire Killers |
RoP4 T:Dance of the Vampires USA WAS:\GB T:The Fearless Vampire Killers |
RoP4 T:The Fearless Vampire Killers, or Pardon Me, But Your Teeth are in my Neck \GB WAS:\GB T:The Fearless Vampire Killers |
RoP9 T:The Tenant USA WAS:France T:Le Locataire |
RoV1 T:If Don Juan Were A woman USA \Fr WAS:T:Don Juan |
RRo5 T:Paisan USA WAS:\It T:Paisa |
RSi20 T:A Man Alone TV WAS:USA T:The Killers |
RtB10 T:The Diary of a Country Priest USA WAS:France T:Journal d'un Cur\'e de Campagne |
RtB15 T:A Man Escaped USA WAS: \Fr T:Un Condamn\'e \`a Mort s'est Echapp\'e |
RtP10 T:The Vampire and the Ballerina USA WAS:\It T:L'Amante del Vampiro |
RW1 T:The Cabinet of Dr.~Caligari USA WAS:Germany T:Das Kabinett des Dr.~Caligari |
RWB73 T:Tales from the Crypt II USA WAS:\GB T:The Vault of Horror |
RWF20 T:Satan's Brew USA WAS:Germany T:Satansbraten |
RWi33 T:Those were the Happy Days short WAS:full length T:Star! |
RWN26 T:Spider Woman \GB WAS:USA T:Sherlock Holmes and the Spider Woman |
RWN46 T:Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon USA WAS:USA T:Dressed to Kill |
S9 T:The Blue Angel USA WAS:Germany T:Der Blaue Engel |
SCz10 T:The Mirror in the Moon USA WAS:\Sp T:La Luna en el Espejo |
SE2 T:The Battleship Potemkin USA WAS: \Ru T:Bronenosets Potemkin |
SE7 T:Ivan Groznyi USSR WAS:USA T:Ivan the Terrible, part I |
SE8 T:The Boyars Plot USSR WAS: USA T:Ivan the Terrible, part II |
SG30 T:Story of a Cheat USA WAS: \Fr T:Le Roman d'un Tricheur |
SG43 T:The Fabulous Destiny of Desiree Clary USA WAS: \Fr T:Le Destin Fabuleux de Desiree Clary |
SG49 T:Devil in the Bottle USA WAS: \Fr T:La Diable Boiteux |
SG60 T:Royal Affairs of Versailles USA WAS: \Fr T:Versailles |
SG60 T:Si Versailles m'etait cont\'e \Fr WAS:\Fr T:Versailles |
SG66 T:Paris USA WAS:\Fr T:Si Paris m'etait cont\'e Er(Paris) |
SG71 T:Lovers and Thieves USA WAS: \Fr T:Assassins et Voleurs |
ShB10 T:The Churning USA WAS:\In T:Manthan |
ShB20 T:Marketplace USA WAS:\In T:Mandi |
SHo2 T:Scream of Fear USA WAS: \GB T:Taste of Fear |
SK26 T:The Domino Killings \GB WAS:USA T:The Domino Principle |
SkT1 T:What's Up, Tiger Lily USA WAS:Japan T:Kizino Kizi |
SkT1 T:What's Up, Tiger Lily USA WAS:USA T:What's Up Tiger Lily |
SL37 T:Death Trap USA WAS:USA T:Deathtrap |
SlV10 T:Eyes of Hell USA WAS:USA T:The Mask |
SM1 T:Whiskey Galore \GB WAS:USA T:Tight Little Island |
SR15 T:The Unvanquished USA WAS:\In T:Aparajito |
SS11 T:Twilight Zone - The Movie USA WAS:USA T:Twilight Zone |
SR15 T:The Unvanquished USA WAS:\In T:Aparajito |
SR36 T:The Big City USA WAS: \In T:Mahangar |
StH15 T:Smash-Up, the Story of A Woman full WAS:short T:Smash-Up |
StH15 T:A Woman Destroyed \GB WAS:USA T:Smash-Up |
TBr35 T:The Hypnotist GB WAS:USA T:London After Midnight |
TbH2 T:Death Trap USA WAS:USA T:Eaten Alive |
TFi9 T:Horror of Dracula USA WAS:\GB T:Dracula |
TuB10 T:Piano Piano Kiddo USA WAS:\Tu T:Piano Piano Bacaksiz |
VdS2 T:The Children are Watching us USA WAS:Italy T:I Bambini ci Guardino |
VdS4 T:Shoeshine USA WAS:Italy T:Sciusci\`a |
VdS8 T:Stazione Termini Italy WAS:USA T:Indiscretion of an American Wife |
VGu19 T:The Creeping Unknown USA WAS:\GB T:The Quatermass Experiment |
VGu23 T:Enemy from Space USA WAS:\GB T:Quatermass II |
VSj1 T:The Broken Spring Rose USA WAS:\Sw T:Tradgardsmastaren |
VsP10 T:Mother USa WAS: \Ru T:Mat |
WA5 T:Guerre et Amour France WAS:USA T:Love and Death | template
WaF25 T:Alias Bulldog Drummond USA WAS:\GB T:Bulldog Jack |
WHl10 T:48 Hours \GB WAS:USA T:48 Hrs. |
WiW20 T:Der Himmel \"Uber Berlin Germany WAS:USA T:Wings of Desire |
WlB10 T:Split Face \GB WAS:USA T:Dick Tracy |
WAS:T:The Devil and Daniel Webster USA T:All That Money Can Buy |
WlD39 T:Daniel Webster and The Devil USA WAS:USA T:All That Money Can Buy |
WlD39 T:Here is a Man USA WAS:USA T:All That Money Can Buy |
WoP10 T:The Boat USA WAS:Germany T:Das Boot |
WRu10 T:Berlin: Symphony of a Great City US WAS:\Ge T:Berlin: die Symphonie einer Grossstadt |
WvD58 T:Indian Love Call TV WAS:USA T:Rose Marie |
YAl10 T:The Proud Ones USA WAS:\Fr T:Les Orgeilleux |
YYa1 T:It's Tough to be a Man USA WAS:\Jp T:Otoko wa Tsurayo Nt(series name) |